Introduction of the Club


Fera - A pioneer from Rauma


Fera was founded April 7, 1958 in Rauma. It is a Finnish baseball club that specializes in women's and girls' Finnish baseball (pesäpallo in Finnish). There are currently just under 200 licensed players and 12 teams in the club. There are altogether 4 women's teams, one of which is women's Ykköspesis (1st division) team, created in collaboration with Laitilan Jyske. The other teams are Women's Superpesis (major league) team, Rauman Lukko and women's Ykköspesis (1st division) and women's Suomensarja (2nd division) and Maakuntasarja (3th division) teams. The oldest juniors are B-Juniors (under 19) and the youngest ones were born in 2009.

Fera provides all people in Rauma a chance to play and try out this sport. 

In the Rauma region, Fera organises and provides Finnish baseball at schools for children and youth, both boys and girls. Baseball at schools is provided in collaboration with the City of Rauma, municipalities in the nearby regions as well as Satakunnan Pesäpallo ry. Every year, baseball at schools moves approximately 3 000 – 4 000 pupils in primary schools, secondary schools and in the sixth form.

Finnish baseball as a hobby is also an integral part of Fera's summers. Children's baseball camp is aimed at boys and girls who are 7-12 years old and interested in sports. Baseball camp is a full-time one-week activity, organised in June. The popular adults' baseball hobby has gained a firm foothold among the inhabitants of Rauma. Fera provides Lady-Pesis for women and Aiwa-Pesis for men. Additionally, the baseball summer is crowned by a company team tournament, aimed at both women and men. Annually, hobby activities attract approximately 250–300 participants.


Women's and Girls' Finnish Baseball Club – Fera ry


Licensed players: 183 licensed enthusiasts
Teams: 12
Enthusiasts: approximately 250–300 people
Influence: a part of 2,500–3,000 Rauma inhabitants' lives every week
Club workers: approximately 150 people (when camps are organised, approximately 300)
Events: approximately 200 games

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Fera is currently formed by 12 teams that play in the following divisions: the Pesäpallo Federation, Satakunnan Pesäpallo ry and Varsinais-Suomen Pesis ry. During the 2013 season, Fera players played in all divisions in the adults' league. For juniors, Fera was represented at all national camps organized by the Pesäpallo Federation.


Women's Superpesis team – LUKKO


Record number of spectators: 2,247 spectators at the Lukko - PetoJussit game on July 3, 2011
Achievements: 1 x Finnish Championship BRONZE; 2 x Finnish Championship SILVER, indoor games; 1 x Finnish Championship BRONZE, indoor games

Measured by the number of spectators, Women's Superpesis is by far the most popular women's ball game division in our country. 2013 the regular season of Women's Superpesis saw an average of 573 spectators per game. Lukko's Superpesis games gathered on average 516 spectators per game. In the summer of 2014, Women's Superpesis will be played by 11 teams, making the division Finland's largest by the number of teams as well as the most followed women's ball game division. In terms of summer sports, Fera's representative team, Lukko, is the only adult team on the main division level in Rauma, and the average number of spectators at its games is the second largest in Rauma when winter sports are also included in the comparison.


Fera - 55 youthful years


In Rauma, Finnish baseball was initially played on the division level under the name Rauman Urheilijat ry. In 1957, an all-male RU team played for the first time in the championship league. The team lasted only one year and the season was financially difficult.

The Finnish baseball division decided to separate into its own club in the spring of 1958 and Fera ry became the chosen name. The name derives from a type of 4-goal ball game played earlier in Rauma, called fera or feda.

Already during the year of its establishment, Fera moved back up to the Championship League but also this 1959 visit proved to be short. The men's team played a few more years in what was then called the Finnish League and the Regional League until the activities fizzled out in the mid-1960s.

The name Fera was not seen in the media again until the beginning of the 1980s, when the newly revived enthusiasm for basketball at Rauman Lyseo (upper secondary school) organised itself by utilising the existence of the registered, yet inactive club.

Finnish baseball gained a new lease on life in Rauma at the beginning of the 1980s when the grown-up A-Juniors of Lukko continued to spend time together by playing the summery sport of Finnish baseball.

In 1983, the Pesäpallo Federation's Satakunta District organized a camp for D-Juniors in Rauma, where Fera gathered a D-Girls' and a D-Boys' team from the school children's leagues. There was a good amount of success, which meant the inclusion of both basketball and Finnish baseball under the name of Fera ry.

After a few years, it was seen as appropriate to separate the divisions into their own clubs. Fera ry continued as the specialised club for Finnish baseball players whereas the basketball players named their new club Rauma-Basket ry. At the same time, the governing body of Fera ry made a decision to discontinue boys' and men's baseball divisions in favour of focusing completely on girls' and women’s' baseball activities.


The objectives of our operations


- Everyone who is willing to play baseball in Rauma has an opportunity to do so.
- In Rauma, baseball in continuously played on the top level.


Fera's values


- Fera spirit
- honesty and openness
- positivity
- appreciating others and their work
- healthy life


Fera spirit


Seek progress


Our common game rules


- We keep our home base clean.
- We communicate in an open and adequate manner.
- Our finances will pass audits.
- Whatever we do, we do well.
- We encourage each other.

Smart: behave according to the mutually agreed game rules, generally accepted manners and the spirit of fair game. Smart Fera members do not criticize umpires nor other players on the field or outside of the field.

Seek progress: be a pioneer in various projects. This means accepting challenges on all levels of Finnish baseball - championship, junior, hobby - as well as in civic activities. Fera does not always do "what has been done before".

Straightforward: follow the spirit of fair play on the field. The instructor's own example is an important prerequisite for the spirit of fair play. Straightforward Fera members create lasting friendships because they are fair and trustworthy friends.

Sincere: face new challenges but also mutual trust. At Fera, instructors, children and parents have conversations and as a result, Fera members feel they are being listened to. In addition to interaction, sincerity means communication. Fera makes an effort to communicate in an adequate manner both internally and externally. Fera is sincere and open to everyone who shows interest in it.


The idea of raising children with Finnish baseball


"When playing baseball, young people learn to make independent and responsible choices that help them face challenges in life. "

Finnish baseball is a versatile game of skills and smarts. The runner has to decide whether to sneak off, to run immediately or to accept a bad pitch. The batter has to ponder where to direct the ball and whether to make a short hit or to hit the ball hard. The pitcher attempts to make pole pitches or intentional bad pitches, throws the ball around and bluffs or just pitches fast.  Fielders have to choose to which base to throw the ball, whether to run to the base, drop the ball, load the base... There are many kinds of choices in any given game.

The manner of instruction determines whether a child learns to make choices themselves or whether they merely follow the instructor's orders. The child should create actions that match their desires and skills. In various kinds of games, play and practice, children use their imagination, test their skills and limits and, at the same time, practise focus, perseverance and communality. For a child, the club is a good place to grow.

Fera has made a clear distinction between children's and youth's activities. Children's baseball includes ages G, F, E and D, meaning baseball as a hobby for under 14-year-old girls. In these age groups, the central themes are playfulness, versatility and the inclusion of everyone in the game. Children's baseball means playing baseball as a hobby.

Playfulness means the prevailing attitude and atmosphere. High-quality training that promotes learning is always fun. Versatility can be implemented by high-quality and all-round instruction and by giving the children the option to engage in several kinds of sports. In children's teams, everyone is given the experience of success by guaranteeing game time for everyone.

Success in children's and youth's baseball means happy faces, belonging to a group and staying with it, playfulness, equality as well as members who are happy with the club's activities.

Youth teams include the competing teams of ages C and B. In these age groups, the central focus is on developing personal skills and the significance of players' own goals that, subsequently, help to get attached and committed to the sport.

Children and young people need security from adults in each development stage. Even in baseball practices, adult instructors give children limits that secure their mental and physical development. Safety is taken into account at Fera for example by demanding the use of helmets in all pitching and batting practices.

Fera's guided activities are focused on encouraging trying hard, learning and personal progress. Playing baseball at Fera is meant to inspire a life-long enthusiasm in sports.

Fera attempts to create the Junior teams by year of birth. There are approximately 12-20 players in each team. Teams can be formed by skill level beginning in age group C.

Each team creates their own internal game rules for each season.




Fera's competing teams play their home games at Topteam-Arena, located along the Urheilukatu and Raumanmerenkatu streets.

The facility located by the field is equipped with a broadcasting booth and filming platform, a kiosk, dressing rooms for both home and visitor teams as well as restrooms for spectators.


Contact details

Fera ry
Urheilukatu 13
26100 RAUMA



Fera ry
Urheilukatu 13
26100 RAUMA

Fera's office is located in the immediate vicinity of the Otanlahti baseball field.